Track & Trace

To track your shipments, please fill in the following field and select the appropriate option, making sure to enter the numbers as shown in the examples. To clear up any doubt click on the type of delivery that interests you.

Search your shipping using the tracking number:

National Shipment ID Collo
  International Shipment DDT
*Mandatory fields
Shipments in Italy: Enter the Italian tracking number made up of two letters / a letter and a digit and then up to 9 digits. Example: Y1 550012467
International shipments: Enter the 11-digit international tracking number. Example: 53260112365
Package ID: Enter the numeric code that you can find under the Package ID barcode. Omit the zeros at the beginning and the “GLS” initials at the end. Example: 0000 35638867 GLS.
Delivery note: Enter the number in the following format – office code, account number and delivery note. Example: YW12349999999 Please note: the account number must always comprise 4 digits. If the account number has fewer than 4 digits, then add one or more zeros at the start, as necessary. E.g. enter account number 1 as 0001.


GLS adopts the principles of social responsibility as far as its staff, society and the environment are concerned and it is equally committed to training its staff about environmental issues and reducing its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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GLS and the environment

GLS is committed to respecting the environment, by using resources responsibly and looking for ways to reduce emissions. Safeguarding the environment is an integral part of the GLS logistics strategy.

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