Service to manage eCommerce return goods

ReturnService is addressed to those e-merchants who need to manage return goods in a simple and quick way. Please ask GLS to activate this service and choose the return destination of your goods, even to a location different from the departure point.
Your outbound shipments will be created as usual. When your Consignee asks to return a good, you can proceed through different modalities:

  • Asking good pick-up directly to GLS
  • Allowing your Consignees to enter a dedicated page of GLS website, where he/she can ask good home pick-up or choose a drop-off at any GLS Depot or GLS Shop all over the national territory.


  • No need to include into outbound parcel a label to manage a return shipment
  • Notifications to Consignee about pick-up/drop-off request and about return shipment
  • Printout of pick-up/drop-off confirmation recommended to Consignee, but not mandatory
  • Goods can be traced from outbound departure to return shipment delivery, including return pickup request
  • Return goods delivery to preferred address
  • Possibility to make your Consignee autonomous in managing a return good, allowing home pick-up or drop-off

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