Shipping within Italy

Plan your shipment within Italy using the useful information in this section.
If you need something more specific, find the GLS Depot in your area or contact Customer Services on-line.


Pick-up request – what should I do??

To book a pick-up at your home or office, fill in the online form or contact your local GLS Depot (get their telephone number at Find a Depot).
For information and assistance, send an e-mail by filling out the form in Contact section.

Pick-up request – What information do I need??

Booking a pick-up requires your first name and surname, your company name, telephone number and email address.

If you need goods to be collected from a different address, please state that too. Also, give your company opening hours and the date when you wish your items to be collected.

When you book, please tell us the recipient’s details – their company name, full address, contact person, telephone number and opening hours. Also state any additional delivery options, the type of goods involved, the number of packages, and their dimensions and weights. And let us know your preferred payment method – payment by the sender (carriage paid) or by the recipient (carriage unpaid).
Additional insurance Service POD Service

Preparing the package – what should I do?

Be sure to use a suitable kind of packaging (cardboard boxes with polystyrene packing, wooden crates, etc.) to properly protect the type of goods to be shipped. Packages weighing over 50 kg should preferably be mounted on a wooden base. Take special care to seal corners and joints. Remember to indicate the recipient’s address and the sender’s details clearly and to mark the package as FRAGILE / TALL / DO NOT CRUSH OR STACK / THIS WAY UP, etc., when required.
We also recommend that you avoid using the same packaging several times, unless it is clearly still intact. If you do re-use packaging, check that you have removed any old addresses or labels first

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What documents do I needWhat documents do I need?

When your goods are collected, you will need to have the transport document or consignment note to hand. If you have several shipments to collect, you will need a summary list.


What does the GLS Depot do?

The Depot responsible for your area collects the goods according to the agreed arrangements and checks the packages against the information given at the time of booking. The sending Depot prints the label for each individual package. Before the goods leave our office, the parcel label barcode is read and the shipments are grouped by destination and then loaded onto the scheduled transport vehicles

What do the sorting centres do?

The sorting centres divide the goods by destination and load them onto the scheduled transport vehicles bound for the receiving GLS offices.

What does the receiving Depot do?

Once the shipments have arrived, the receiving office reads the barcode to identify the packages, divides the goods by area, and delivers them to the recipients.

Tracking my delivery – what information can I get?

You can track your shipment directly on our website from the Track & Trace section. Alternatively, contact Customer Services on +39 or call your local GLS Depot.


The storage service handles shipments that were not delivered for reasons beyond GLS’s control. Undelivered goods are held in storage at the receiving office for 10 days. GLS will inform the sender and ask for instructions on how to redeliver the goods