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Making your deliveries even more secure

GLS delivers envelopes, packages and pallets up to 500 kg in 24/48 hours throughout Italy, and we offer our customers a comprehensive range of worldwide shipping solutions. Naturally, you want your goods to be transported securely without delay, so read our suggestions on packing, labelling and maximum dimensions before selecting the most suitable service for your needs.

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Online Dispute Resolution: for online shipment requests made by private citizen

The EU commission has set up an online platform for the online-resolution of disputes ("ODR-platform"). This platform serves as a contact point for extrajudicial resolutions of disputes concerning contractual obligations, arising from online sales or services agreements.
Customers can reach the ODR-platform under the following link: The email address to be entered for the transmission of the complaint is In order to allow the management of the position must be entered the tracking number in the item description of the procedure.

Preparing your package

Good-quality boxes, internal padding, and proper sealing are essential for secure transport. Choose appropriate packaging for the type of goods inside, for their weight and especially if they are fragile.

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Labelling your shipment

Each package must have its own label. Find out how to label it correctly and see GLS’s IT solutions for creating your shipments.

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Dimensions and weight

GLS processes your shipments in warehouses with automated sorting systems. Check the maximum measurements and weights for Italian and international consignments.

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