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E-commerce service/Flex Delivery

A fundamental part of online commerce is managing the shipments of purchased goods. Every commercial transaction involving goods or services taking place between businesses and consumers online would be impossible to complete without the use of a dedicated shipping service. E-commerce very often envisages delivering to individuals who are often difficult to reach during the work day. For all these reasons, the express courier GLS has designed E-comService, a dedicated service that makes managing the entire shipping process more direct and helps you avoid having to deal with the typical issues related to delivering to private individuals.

The advantages of shipments to Italy:

  • Possibility of automatically sending a notification when the shipment departs and a notice on the day of delivery if combined with InfoService)
  • Emailing the recipient if they are out at the time of delivery
  • Handling redeliveries for the recipient
  • A dedicated link available 24 hours a day
  • Optimised delivery times
  • Improved recipient availability and reduced warehouse risk

The advantages of shipments abroad:

  • Compatibility with FlexDeliveryService, the flexible delivery service available in various European countries. With Flex Delivery Parcel, recipients are sent an email notice with the expected shipment delivery date and, if necessary, can agree on a new date or choose from other delivery options.
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Optimization of times

European countries where Flex Delivery Parcel is available

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