Signed document collection

With our new DocumentReturnService service, after delivering your shipments, we also return the documents to you that you need, duly completed and signed by the recipient. DocumentReturnService works to our standard delivery times (24 or 48 hours).

GLS can also handle documents in electronic format for you. Send us your document as a PDF file, and we will print it, deliver it to the recipient and, if you wish, return it to you duly signed. If you are a registered customer, you can choose how to receive your signed documents – directly in your reserved area on the website or via FTP, on a daily basis. DocumentReturnService can be used with GLS Weblabeling for electronic and hard-copy documents alike.


  • Cut shipping costs
  • Automatically receive signed documents from your customers
  • Eliminate waiting times
  • Use for shipments of up to 500 kg
  • Comfortably book the service during the creation of the shipment, through the automatic labeling systems
  • Handle signed documents sent electronically in PDF format
  • Receive your signed documents in the reserved area online or via FTP

Combine it with these services

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