Security alert

Watch out for fraud

Online and email scams are becoming increasingly common. Criminals posing as GLS send false emails, especially to private customers but also to companies, often containing requests for payment. If you receive an email like this, you must inform GLS immediately; never pay the money requested.

Fraudulent emails often contain spelling and grammatical errors or grainy, fuzzy company logos. If you do not know the sender, then do not open any attachments.

GLS cannot accept liability for any damage due to fraudulent activities by third parties who misuse GLS’s name.

Beware of offers of work as an “agent”

Criminals ordering products online using false identities and illegally obtained credit card details have recently stepped up their efforts to recruit “agents”. The work they offer is usually part-time and involves collecting packages and shipments from other addresses, often abroad. Their aim is to conceal the final location of fraudulently obtained goods. Those who accept that work, presumably for money, become party to fraud (such as money laundering) and put themselves at risk of prosecution and financial penalties.

GLS fights fraud

GLS is constantly striving to protect our customers against scams. We work hard to identify people who attempt to misuse GLS’s shipping system. We apply high security standards across the entire group, and we handle customer data accordingly.