Delivery of shipments

A fast, reliable service is what everyone wants from GLS. And that’s precisely how we aim to deliver our customers’ shipments.

Standard parcel delivery

Delivery service

We deliver every shipment to the address provided by the sender. The driver will therefore ask the recipient to sign for it on the palmtop computer or, if the sender requests, by entering a dedicated unique PIN.

Standard parcel delivery

Your tracking number

Your tracking number is very important – you can’t get the information you need without it. The sender will give you the number when they send your shipment.
You can check the status of your shipment online, or by contacting GLS customer service.

Standard parcel delivery

Attempted delivery notice

If the shipment cannot be delivered to the address provided, then the driver will leave a notice to inform the recipient after the first and second attempts. This document, called an “attempted delivery notice”, contains important information such as the tracking number and the contact details of the GLS office involved.

Standard parcel delivery

If no one is in

The GLS courier makes two separate attempts to deliver each shipment. If the recipient is also out on the second occasion, then the shipment will be held in storage at the GLS office responsible for that area.
If the E-comService, was used for the delivery, then after our courier’s first attempt, you will receive an email with a link to book the redelivery.

Standard parcel delivery

Other delivery options

GLS delivers shipments in Italy and internationally on weekdays from Monday to Friday throughout the day.
If the sender requests, some aspects of the standard delivery can be changed: e.g. the shipment can be collected from the nearest GLS office (with the - DepotPickUpService), or the delivery can be booked for before 12 noon (the Express12Service).

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