A single group providing quality services

Through its own national companies and with the help of its partners, the express courier GLS operates in 41 European countries and is connected to all the main regions of the world. GLS is also present in eight U.S. states and in Canada, and is globally connected via contractual agreements. The quality of our services is our priority because more than 220,000 customers in Europe use them.

GLS in Italy

One of the main express courier services

We deliver shipments in Italy within 24 hours and in Europe within 24-96 hours and we offer a very high quality service at convenient prices that are tailored to meet every customer's needs. You can track your shipment with GLS in real time.

The GLS Group

A Quality leading company for European shipments

GLS has set up a comprehensive network of international connections, with long-distance transport services that are coordinated and precise. Our IT processes and systems are standardised across Europe. Security and reliability are part of our DNA.

The shipment system

With GLS you can send small and large items reliably and securely. Shipments can be adapted to meet any specific requirement. Find out which combination best meets your needs.

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Vision and Values

One of the main aims of the GLS Group is to provide its customers with shipment services that are of the highest quality, in line with its ethical principles and regulations

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