What it means for GLS

We monitor every step of every shipment.

For GLS monitoring every single package is one of the cornerstones that keeps the standards of quality of our service high. Every shipment has its own unique barcode that is scanned at every step along the way. This system is available across the whole Group, thereby standardising procedures both in Italy and abroad.

Many customers sending packages consider it very important to be able to track them, as do their recipients, who can check the status of their delivery.

From pick-up to delivery, GLS provides information online about shipment status. Many countries already offer this service in real time using modern IT solutions that send data directly from the drivers' palmtop computers.

What transparency means for GLS:

  • Individual code for each shipment
  • Scanning packages on all sides
  • Senders and recipients can monitor the shipment online
  • Shipment tracking in real time
  • Digital signature of the recipient available online