GLS and the environment

We act responsibly



GLS is fully aware that we all share the same environment. This is why safeguarding the environment is an integral part of the GLS logistics strategy. Sustainability is one of our five fundamental values and is a driving force that every one of our employees puts into practice every day.


ThinkGreen – What it means

The environmental ThinkGreen programme was launched in 2008. Even though GLS policy has always been to constantly optimise processes and use resources as efficiently as possible, the Think Green project has become the framework for this policy and is the inspiration behind our coordinating and actively promoting a wide range of environmental activities within the entire group.



  • Reduce emissions
  • Treat and use resources responsibly
  • Recycling waste


Measures adopted:

To reach our objectives we are focusing on a series of measures to be adopted that concern:

  • delivery vehicles
  • transportation planning
  • buildings


The methods adopted to achieve these aims are scrupulously monitored, as are all our efforts to achieve these results in each field and how they are progressing.


Environmental management: Certified to ISO 14001

The environmental management system of GLS helps implement the measures drawn up as part of the ThinkGreen initiative and achieve the set goals. In 2011, the environmental management system has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard for the first time – in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Meanwhile all GLS companies have achieved certification.



GLS records and monitors its progress in environmental protection on a regular basis. Since 2008/2009, it carries out a group-wide eeco-footprint assessment in which data on emissions, resource consumption and waste disposal is gathered. In its current sustainability report GLS publishes emission development data. The method used for calculating emissions corresponds to ISO 14064-1 standard and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. GLS calculates carbon dioxide emissions per parcel based on its eco-footprint.


GLS adopts the principles of social responsibility as far as its staff, society and the environment are concerned and it is equally committed to training its staff about environmental issues and reducing its ecological footprint to a minimum.

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GLS and social responsibility

GLS is fully aware of its social responsibility and recognises the obligations it has as far as people are concerned. We believe in and invest in developing human resources and supporting associations that operate in the social sector.

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