What it means for GLS

We are committed to protecting your shipments.

In order for goods to reach their recipient with no risk, specific security measures are essential. GLS has created Europe-wide standards to systematically prevent damage and loss.

The damage and loss rates for the GLS Group have been constantly very low for years (0.02%).

Modern alarm systems are used to keep goods safe. GLS shipments are monitored using security video cameras. Every stage in the process is checked. GLS scans packages throughout the shipment procedure and analyses the data obtained.

Employees and drivers regularly take part in training and refresher courses to ensure that they are all aware of how to handle deliveries properly.

What security means for GLS:

  • High security standards across the Group
  • Scanning shipments during sorting
  • Security cameras, alarm systems, controlled access
  • Regular training for employees and drivers
  • Constant checks during the shipment process