What it means for GLS

We find the solutions that are right for you

Delivering shipments in today's world is a highly industrialised and standardised process. This is the only way to offer superior quality at a competitive price. Nonetheless GLS believes being able to offer flexible solutions is very important.

To achieve this aim, the GLS Group offers a range of standard and transparent products and services throughout Europe. Products can be combined with services specially designed for returns or for e-commerce, for example.

Many of the products and services are the same across Europe: they can then be combined with solutions that are tailor-made specifically for each individual country.

GLS offers its customers convenient ways of connecting to its IT system. With the help of local staff support, GLS offers a high degree of flexibility that is part of a common international framework.

What flexibility means for GLS:

  • Swift response times
  • Local, customer-friendly offices
  • Specific solutions for every sector
  • In-depth knowledge of the markets of individual countries
  • A wide range of product/service combination options
  • Transparent delivery processes using GLS shipment systems