Certification and monitoring

Quality has always been an essential factor for GLS, and it has been awarded various certifications reflecting this.

ISO 14001 Certification

The GLS environmental management system helps implement the measures and achieve the aims of the Think Green project. Since 2011, one by one the GLS Group companies have been obtaining DEKRA certification, in accordance with ISO environmental standard 14001. Certification is just around the corner for Italy too.

AEO certification - F (full)

Since 17 July 2013, GLS has been an "Authorized Economic Operator" with customs authorities. For us security and reliability in despatching shipments is of prime importance and our AEO certification - F (full) is proof of this. This certification provides a huge advantage: as we are classified as low-risk with customs, it helps speed up clearance at customs and completion of GLS import-export shipments, as well as reducing the number of checks.

The GLS eco-footprint

Every year we gather and consolidate data about our three target categories - emissions, resources and waste management - from over 350 sites across Europe. The methodology used is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and on ISO 14064 and is verified externally by DEKRA. Our eco-footprint also allows us to calculate carbon emissions for each individual package sent.

Environment representatives

GLS has 22 local environment representatives in all the European countries it operates in, who ensure that the measures established by the group as a whole are applied at a local level. As they are local representatives, they promote the exchange of ideas and the best Think Green projects throughout the group, collating data and results to help measure our eco-footprint.