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Find out how deliveries are made with our multimedia content.

Watch the GLS films, listen to the song and download the GLS logo and images.

GLS Film

GLS, the videos

Every day GLS delivers more than 1.5 million packages all over Europe. The watchwords for this shipment process are technology and employee dedication. The dynamic videos convey the message "Don't worry - We deliver", a visual expression of what it means to send packages in total peace of mind with GLS.

GLS Film

Products and Services

GLS offers a world of tailor-made solutions to meet all requirements. Watch this video and learn more about some of the products and services that we offer our customers.

GLS Cover Younique Song

The GLS song

Connecting the whole of Europe with a single delivery network with consistent services and uniformly high quality all around the continent. This is the main theme of the catchy GLS song.

GLS Logo negative RGB

Negative version of the GLS logo

GLS Logo positive RGB Clearspace

Positive version of the GLS logo

GLS Cover Younique Song

Photos for the press

GLS offers a range of downloadable photos for the press to use. The images capture everyday scenes of packages being delivered all over Europe.