Milestones in the history of GLS

A network for Europe

After being founded in late 1999, GLS succeeded in establishing a stable European parcel network in just a few years. Today it covers 45 countries. Acquisitions and partnerships have since then been milestones in the history of the company. In many countries GLS has founded its own companies – often complete networks, which have immediately gone into full operation.

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GLS in Italy

Created in 1977, Corriere Executive immediately settled on the franchising formula, which offers twice as many benefits. On the one hand it offers the advantages of a small company: customer-friendly and personalised fast services, and on the other it provides the reliability of a large group: economic stability, high standards of service, investment capabilities and lower costs.
Customers who use our services feel looked after, as they only can with small companies, but they also have the guarantees that only large organisations can provide. This is our strength.

We have come a long way since 1977, but the original spirit of Corriere Executive is still with us.

1993: Direzione Gruppo Executive S.p.A. was created to deal with management, marketing, technology, research and development.

1994: the Group joined the General Parcel network, consisting of 22 European partners.

2001: the brand and Direzione Gruppo Executive (DGE) were acquired by General Logistics Systems (GLS), an international holding company owned by the UK's Royal Mail providing express courier services in numerous European countries, combining stability, security, flexibility and efficiency in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality. In the same year GLS acquired a majority share in the General Parcel network, laying the foundations for the creation of a single European group.

2003 DGE changed its name to General Logistics Systems Italy S.p.A.