Our History - 1999

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Acquisition of German Parcel

The GLS success story begins with the acquisition of German Parcel Paket-Logistik GmbH. The aim of this initial transaction is to create a centrally-managed pan-European parcel service. Previously in 1989, 25 German carriers had amalgamated to form the “German Parcel” cooperation in order to be able to offer their services nationwide. By 1999, the company is one of the largest parcel delivery service providers in the German market – with international links as a partner in the General Parcel cooperation, founded in 1992.


Arrival of DER KURIER

German Parcel becomes the sole shareholder of DER KURIER group of companies, which shortly afterwards is restructured and today operates under the name of DER KURIER. This takeover marks the entry of GLS into the express delivery market, with DER KURIER organising overnight transportation services throughout Germany via its own terminal-to-terminal network. The company started in 1979 as an urban coordination centre for couriers based on the London and New York bicycle-courier office model.


Hungary joins the network

Acquisition of 85 percent of the company shares of General Parcel Hungary. The Hungarian parcel carrier, founded in 1998, is a partner in the European General Parcel cooperation. The national network is subsequently expanded and the company renamed GLS Hungary. It becomes the leading company for a number of GLS companies in Eastern Europe.


"GLS" is created

Foundation of General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS), headquartered in Amsterdam. Rico Back takes on the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) alongside his function as Managing Director of German Parcel. In combination with its subsidiaries, GLS is the main shareholder in the European General Parcel cooperative association.

Logistics from Ireland

GLS acquires the Williams Group, headquartered in Dublin. In 2004, following extensive restructuring, the Irish parcel and logistics service provider is renamed GLS Ireland. It focuses, in accordance with the core business areas of GLS, on the areas of parcel, logistics and express delivery.